CNS Investigations, LLC



Advantages with CNS


Each situation is unique. Our investigative team will deliver custom solutions, tailored to you and your one-of-a-kind challenges. 

first hand knowledge

Of good detective techniques and investigative procedures. 

Access to resources

Normal individuals do not know about.

Friends & affiliations

Nationwide with local, state and federal agencies.

CNS Investigations, LLC was founded in 2008 and a proud member of MMSDC.

It is now more important than ever to make sure people are who they say they are. By doing background checks, you can feel confident in your decision to invest in a business, individual or screen someone for employment.

Our expertise in the area of background checks is vast and diverse. We have provided background checks for clients across many industries to domestic clients. CNS Investigations goal with the background check services is to provide our client with information necessary to proceed with confidence in their decision of hiring or engaging in relationships with a person or business.

CNS Investigations was founded in 2008.  It is owned and operated by a former Bloomfield Township, Michigan Police Officer, Jeff Valdez.  Jeff worked on a variety of elite assignments throughout his career with the department.  He has received many awards, including a meritorious award for outstanding achievement in his investigation and successful apprehension of a kidnapping and double-murder suspect.  

His qualifications are not limited to law enforcement.  His various life experiences allow him to collect and preserve evidence necessary for successful prosecution of criminal activity, and to protect the rights of those wrongly accused.  As the owner of several successful businesses, he also has a unique insight on employee fraud, theft and embezzlement crimes.  Having conducted employee investigations from the perspective of both law enforcement personnel and employer. 

Companies both nationally and internationally, have utilized CNS’s expertise in the pursuit of stolen property, asset investigations, and surveillance.  CNS led by Jeff, has proven to be able to assimilate into the local culture, work with out-of-state law enforcement, and provide valuable information to clients.  Examples would be recent assignments in Saltillo, Monterrey, and Jaurez, Mexico, as well as, New York City, Dallas, Texas, and Chicago, Illinois.  CNS has also developed working relationships with numerous law enforcement agencies and attorneys throughout the United States, providing clients with access to diverse sources of information.